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You can never learn Azure if you can’t learn it with this FREE Azure tutorial

Azure Tutorial

So you wanna learn Azure.

If you don’t want, please do NOT read further.

Don’t dare to scroll down either. Because I am going to reveal the details of one in a million’ free video tutorial courses to learn Microsoft Azure.

Cool, so if you are reading this, I would assume that you want to learn Azure and you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity.

Great, I already started loving you! LOL.

Jokes apart. I am referring to the new video course which was created by Bob Tabor (The LearnVisyualStudio.NET fame). Bob is one of the best trainers who delivers online video trainings whom I know.

I love the way he delivers the message. He doesn’t rush you guys. He has the right tone and the right pace. And more importatnly, he makes you comfortable and makes learning an easy task.

Is it just an intro Azure tutorial video?

Not at all.

As per Bob, the first series of the online video course is available via Microsoft Virtual Academy already. But he is working with Microsoft in creating more videos in this series.

So the bottom line is, you guys are gonna get more best in class Azure tutorial videos, #FREE of cost.

A snip of the course outline:

Azure Training Bob Tabor

Microsoft and Bob Tabor- A deadly combination:

Whenever Micosoft has tied up with Bob to get awesome videos created, he mesmerised not just Microsoft, even the learners. Microsoft is keen in ensuring that the developer and student community (or rather anyone who wanna learn the Microsoft technology) are getting the best training available in the industry FREE of cost.

Bob Tabor
Bob Tabor. [PC- Bob’s Twitter Profile]

I don’t wanna praise too much about the Microsoft’s commitment towards training and the quality of Bob’s training delivery.

Go ahead and experience that yourself.


Follow Bob in twitter here:  @bobtabor

But just one last request. If you liked this, please share this with your friends. Yes, we bet this is the best FREE Azure tutorial available in the web currently. Don’t let them miss this!

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