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Students from India! Win Prizes Worth INR 50K By Participating In Digitalocean Campus Shark

Students from India, wanna win INR 50,000?

May I have your attention please? Here is a great chance to create something amazing and useful to the community around you and win prizes up to INR 50,000 (Yes, fifty thousand Indian Rupees). Participate in DigitalOcean Campus Shark program and amazing prizes are waiting for you.

So what are the details?

I know you are going to ask this. Without any further adieu, let me give you the detaiils:

As per their website, DigitalOcean Campus Shark is a one-of-its kind contest to identify & recognize the best student developers across Indian universities.

Digital Ocean Campus Shark

Problem Statement

“Build a product that will be useful to the community around you”


The Productathon will be a 2-stage contest, with Stage 1 being an elimination round.

  • Stage 1: Provide a 1-page write up on the product idea and its potential utility/impact on the community. Also, include mockups or designs of the proposed product.
  • Stage 2: Give life to your idea! Build a working prototype of the product/application based on the idea submitted in Stage 1. Deliverable would be the URL to a working prototype of the product and a 1-page write up on the technical architecture and features of the pro

Do you have it in you to be a shark?

DigitalOcean Campus Shark

Participant Eligibility and Rules of DigitalOcean Campus Shark

  1. The contest is open only for students.
  2. Participation is free and open for any student from the participating university
  3. Teams should have a maximum of 3 members. Participation from individuals is ok too.
  4. A jury panel will screen the entries and shortlist final participants for Stage 2.
  5. The jury panel will also evaluate and select the winners for the contest.
  6. The decision of the jury will be final and binding
  7. All entries must be the original work of the team member(s)
  8. The applications must be deployed on DigitalOcean cloud infrastructure

Why Participate in DigitalOcean Campus Shark:

  • Rs.25K (For team placed first), Rs.15K (For team placed second) and Rs.10K (For team placed third)
  • The top 25 teams will receive recognition certificate from DigitalOcean.
  • The top 25 teams will get “Hasura – apps development platform” usage for the entire university period for free of cost.

We are glad to know that international cloud companies like DigitalOcean is investing in Indian market and helping to identify young talent right from the campuses. And the fact that they are encourage students to make an impact in the society and rewarding them is a really positive sign.

Great work DigitalOcean. Keep it up!

Let’s know what you feel about DigitalOcean Campus Shark?

Will the students be open to the contests like this?

Will companies get a chance to identify best talents from the campuses through these programs?

Share your thoughts in the comments section


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