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[Beginner Video Lesson] What is cloud computing?

“What is cloud computing? I don’t have any idea. Where can I get some basics?”

I have heard [many] people asking this question a couple of years back but realized that a [some] number of people still ask this question. So this post is for them who still ask ‘what is cloud computing?’

Watch videos!

And guess what, I am not going to explain that in detail here. I am going to let you learn the basics through videos. Here are some videos which will give you the basics of cloud computing, the advantages, disadvantages etc. You don’t need to search the internet for any basic videos any more. We have everything under one umbrella here. Go ahead and watch them.

Note: Find the first video at the top of this article. Scroll down to view additional videos.

How to get certified?

OK, we heard you asking about the certifications on cloud certifications. We have added some basics certifications available below; both FREE and paid ones.

We hope that you will learn the basics and get certified to let the world know that you know the basics of cloud computing.

FREE Certification

CloudU Certification from Rackspace

This is one of the best FREE cloud computing certifications available for the beginners. Check out our article: Even after 5 years, Cloud U Certification is still the most sought after Free cloud certification

PAID Certification

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification

This is a paid certification but one of the best certifications available in the industry today. The examination will be conducted by EXIN and they give the certificate too. EXIN certificates are well accepted in the computing world and it will definitely add value to your portfolio.

Click here to learn more about the EXIN Cloud Computing foundation certification.



If you are looking for an online training which will prepare you to pass the EXIN cloud computing foundation exam, we have a solution for you. There is a great training offered by SIMPLILEARN which is one of the top online training academies existing today. Click below to learn more.


What is cloud computing- More videos

What are the Business Benefits of Cloud Computing?

3 Ways To Cloud Compute – SaaS , PaaS and IaaS

Difference Between Cloud Computing & Virtualization

So are you guys ready to learn the basics of cloud computing and get certified?

Let me know if you have any queries.

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