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    Top 20 Data Science Courses of 2018 Offered By Top Universities

    Top data science courses

    How to improve your profile and boost your tech career? A lot say Data Science is the deal. There are numerous courses offered online such that you can learn the concepts right from the comfort of your home. Here is a well-researched list of 20 best and free data science courses offered online by various top universities from around the globe.

    1. Intro to Data Analysis

    Get introduced to the world of Data Analysis! Why choose this? Learn to use the Python tools to write codes that are concise and enable fast-functioning.

    • Udacity
    • Modules: Data Analysis Process, NumPy and Pandas for 1D Data, NumPy and Pandas for 2D Data and Investigate a Dataset



    2.Data Science Fundamentals

    Are you an aspiring data scientist? Data Science Fundamentals might be your ultimate springboard to learn data preparation, compilation and modeling throughout data science. Touch upon basic concepts and methodologies to advanced algorithms to have a dynamic understanding.

    • cognitiveclass.ai
    • Suits beginner level programmers
    • Courses: Data Science 101, Data Science Hands-on with Open Source Tools (Archived), Data Science Methodology and R 101.


    3.FutureLearn: Data to Insight: An Introduction to Data Analysis

    Here is a path for data exploration and discovery. Learn fundamental statistical concepts, interpretation of data analysis output and limitations of data. The visuals will help you learn quickly, be introduced to the crucial ideas that will widen your understanding of world through data.

    • University of Auckland
    • 8 weeks of study


    4.Open Education by Blackboard: Applied Data Science: An Introduction

    Make your life less complicated by learning the complex data sets – Big Data. If you’ve never used R before, this might be the place to mark the beginning.

    • Syracuse University
    • Modules: data science, Big Data, R and useful algorithm models


    5.Data Science and Analytics XSeries

    In this series, learn the latest data science tools and their respective applications in the field of health care, finance, sales, product development etc. This course is perfect for anyone who wishes to gain the basic knowledge on data science.

    • Columbia University
    • 3-course specialization
    • Modules: Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics, Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics and Enabling Technologies for Data Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things.


    6.A Crash Course in Data Science

    You have less time to learn about data science? This crash course will teach you all the essentials of data science and Big Data within a short frame of time without compromising on any significant information.

    • Johns Hopkins University
    • One-week course


    7.Data Mining – lecture notes

    Turn raw data into useful information with data mining. These lecture notes on data mining provide the learners an opportunity learn data mining from its basics to the advanced techniques.

    • Sloan School of Management
    • 13 lectures
    • Flexibility of pace


    8.edX: DAT203x: Data Science and Machine Learning Essentials

    Learn the essential skills involved in Data Science and machine learning from the technology giant Microsoft. This course is a part of the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science offered by edx.org.

    • Modules: Data science process, Probability and statistics in data science, Data exploration and visualization, Data ingestion, cleansing, and transformation and Introduction to machine learning
    • Microsoft


    9.The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

    Get an overview of the main tools involved in the data scientist’s toolkit here. The course gives a detailed theoretical and practical introduction to the questions, data and tools the data analysts work around.

    • Johns Hopkins University
    • Modules: Installing the Toolbox, Conceptual Issues and Course Project Submission & Evaluation


    10.Process Mining: Data science in Action

    Process mining is the bridge between model-based process analysis and data-oriented analysis techniques. Through user-friendly software and data sets, this intermediate-level course teaches the concepts of data science that can be applied to analyze and improve procedures. The course also assumes background knowledge in sets, logic and statistics of undergraduate level.

    • Eindhoven University of Technology
    • 6-week course
    • Modules: Introduction and Data Mining, Process Models and Process Discovery, Different Types of Process Models, Process Discovery Techniques and Conformance Checking, Enrichment of Process Models and Operational Support and Conclusion



    11.Data-driven Decision Making

    Learn data analytics and its role in business-related decisions. You’ll learn the importance of data and its evolution in the current society. Also get introduced to Big Data and the structure for conducting data analysis.

    • PwC
    • Course 1 of Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: the PwC Approach Specialization presented by coursera.org
    • Modules: Introduction to Data Analytics, Technology and types of data, Data analysis techniques and tools and Data-driven decision making project


    12.Introduction to Data Science in Python

    This course is a part of Applied Data Science with Python Specialization. If you are someone with basic python and programming background, this is the best course for you. Here, you learn data manipulation and cleaning techniques using python toolkits.

    • University of Michigan
    • 4 modules
    • Intermediate learners


    13.Data Science and Machine Learning with Python – Hands On!

    Have you got some considerable programming experience? Enroll in this course to learn the techniques utilized by actual data scientists. Don’t worry if you don’t know Python, the course commences with a detailed introduction on Python.

    • Udemy
    • 9 hours of content


    14.Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

    The course is a comprehensive guide to using the Python language to analyze data, create stunning visualizations, and use powerful machine learning algorithms. The course suits anyone with some programming knowledge and developers who are seeking to shift to Data Science.

    • Udemy
    • 5 hours of content
    • Lifetime access


    15.Data Science A-Z™: Real-Life Data Science Exercises Included

    Want an in-depth coverage of the data science process? Data Science A-Z™ is the best destination for it. Standing atop the list of highest-rated courses in the line, it gives an overview of the full process and gives real-life examples.

    • Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team
    • 21 hours of content


    16.Machine Learning

    Many researchers agree that machine learning is the best way to realize human-level AI. Machine learning’s use in the world is widespread and is significant in the tech industry. Pursue this course to learn the machine learning techniques and gain immediate practical experience using it.

    • Stanford University
    • 11-week course
    • Modules: Linear Regression with One Variable, Linear Algebra Review, Logistic Regression etc.


    17.Machine Learning- lecture notes

    This course offers introductory lectures on basic theory, algorithms, and applications revolving around ML. Learning ML will benefit you in medical, financial, scientific and commercial applications. Enroll in this course to balance well between theory and practice.

    • Caltech
    • 18 lectures
    • Flexibility of pace


    18.Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

    In this course, you learn data science using Python language. This specialization is suitable for learners with considerable programming background who wish to apply techniques of machine learning, statistical, text analysis, information visualization, and social network analysis through popular python tools.

    • University of Michigan
    • 5-course specialization
    • Courses: Introduction to Data Science in Python, Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python, Applied Machine Learning in Python, Applied Text Mining in Python and Applied Social Network Analysis in Python.


    19.Big Data Specialization

    Take better business decisions with this specialization on Big Data.  No prior programming experience is needed. Learners will be taught from scratch using Hadoop with MapReduce, Spark, Pig and Hive.

    • UC San Diego
    • 6-course specialization
    • Courses: Introduction to Big Data, Big Data Modeling and Management Systems, Big Data Integration and Processing, Machine Learning With Big Data, Graph Analytics for Big Data and Big Data – Capstone Project


    20.Statistics with R Specialization

    If you are set to jump into data science but a tad lagging on statistics, this is the best place to catch up. No programming knowledge is required for this course. So, beginners benefit the most. Enroll in this course and learn to use statistical modeling, inference and visualization techniques in R to make analysis reports.

    • Duke University
    • 5- Course specialization
    • Modules: Introduction to Probability and Data, Inferential Statistics, Linear Regression and Modeling, Bayesian Statistics and Statistics with R Capstone.


    You have got a lot of potential resources at hand. What are you waiting for? Enroll in them now to get a guaranteed successful and favorable tech career. And don’t forget these with your like-minded friends!

    Did we miss any? Feel free to let us know.

    Are you ready to learn Data Science?

    Let us know what you think about this in the comments section.

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    [Video Lesson] What is Internet of Things (aka IoT)?

    What is Internet Of Things?

    I am sure that most you might have heard the word Internet of Things (also known as IoT) and scratched your head wondering what kind of ‘thing’ it is. Here we present some beginner lessons which would give you a basic understanding of IoT and answer your question: ‘What is Internet of Things?’

    The Internet of things is the inter-networking of physical devices (not just the PCs and smart phones) that enables these connected devices to collect and exchange data.

    These devices can be your car, kitchen appliances, buildings and even your heart monitor. Ideally these devices will be embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable the collection and exchange of data.

    What are some use cases of Internet of Things?

    1. Healthcare:

      Internet of Things reduces the need for the patient to be in front of the doctor to handle most of the medical conditions. The sensors connected to the patient’s body can track important data which a monitoring system can analyze and have different actions triggered automatically. These actions can be informing patient’s family members about an emergency, alert the ambulance service and provide the patient’s location to bring them to hospital etc. Telemedicine using Internet of Things creates an efficient and economical way to monitor patients conditions.

    2. Intelligent Buildings

      According to United Nations, the buildings emit 40% of world’s green house gases. This can be reduced by building intelligent buildings and design structures which uses natural light more and automatically controls the usage of the electricity within the building. The usage of the light bulbs within the building can be controlled automatically based on the sunlight.

    3. Smart traffic management system:

      As per a study it was proved that drivers spend an average 34 hours an year in traffic jams. This is a huge loss for the nations GDP and development. The personal impact (driver stress, physical impact etc) on the drivers too impact the industry on long term. An intelligent traffic management system can track the locations where the traffic jams are found and notify other vehicles in other locations and divert the traffic accordingly. The sensors and the cameras installed at the different part of the city and a central control room take care of these activity automatically as per the previously written algorithm and machine intelligence.

    These are some examples of how we can use IoT for a better life and to create a great economy. Please watch the below video to get more insights regarding your question ‘What is Internet of Things’

    What is Internet of Things- Some use cases?


    Current growth, IoT companies, the industry etc

    According to Gartner Inc, there will be nearly 20.8 billion devices on the Internet of things by 2020. According to Gartner Inc, there will be nearly 20.8 billion devices on the Internet of things by 2020. So definitely the IoT industry is growing at an exponential pace. So who will be reaping the benefits of such a growth? All the stakeholders; the government, the consumers and different business organizations. So its a win-win for all.

    Here are the major industries where Internet of Things (IoT) can cause a revolutionary, positive impact


    • Agriculture
    • Banking
    • Defense
    • Food Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Oil, gas and mining

    Major IoT Platforms

    There are many technology companies who are investing a lot on IoT based technology development and research. Below are some of the major IoT platforms offered by major technology companies.


    What is Internet of Things - Microsoft Azure IoT



    • Microsoft Azure IoT
    • AWS- Amazon Web Services
    • IBM Watson
    • Cisco IoT Cloud Connect
    • ThingWorx IoT Platform
    • Bosch IoT Suite
    • 2lemetry – IoT Analytics Platform
    • Salesforce IoT Cloud
    • Oracle Integrated Cloud

    Additional resources:

    Read the below articles to know more about Internet of Things

    So what do you think about Internet of Things?

    Are you using any IoT devices now? Please note, even a smart watch (example- Android Wear)  is considered as an IoT device 🙂

    Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    Giveaway! SAP HANA instructor led training worth 700 USD

    SAP HANA instructor led training

    Woot! We’re super excited to announce that we have tied up with SYMEZA Technologies Pvt Ltd (www.symeza.com), one of the SAP consulting companies and managed to get 2 free spots for our readers in their SAP HANA instructor led training course. Please note that these 2 spots are worth ~ 700 USD. Symeza is an experiences SAP consulting and SAP architect company who has been doing business with global clients.

    Win 2 spots for SAP HANA instructor led training

    SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed and marketed by SAP SE. Its primary function as database server is to store and retrieve data as requested by the applications. The capabilities of SAP HANA in managing huge amount of data has drawn the attention of fortune 500 companies already and the growth curve of SAP HANA installations in these companies is exponential.

    Register now to get a chance to win one of the free spots



    2 winners will be randomly chosen from those who register using the form given below and who attend the demo session on 18th February 2017

    Date: 18th February 2017 (Saturday)

    Time: 11:00 AM EST (8:00 AM PST, 9:30 PM IST, 4:00 PM UTC)

    SAP HANA Instructor Led Training Spot Giveaway

    Why should you learn SAP HANA

    80% of the Fortune 500 companies use SAP and they are getting exposed to the power of SAP HANA too. There is a huge demand for SAP HANA certified candidates in the market to support the migration of the systems to the SAP HANA, the implementation design, support etc. We can bet that you won’t regret learning SAP HANA and your demand in the market will shoot up!

    SAP HANA Instructor led training online - Course highlights

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What and When?

    Giveaway of 2 spots of SAP HANA Instructor led training delivered online for free! The cost of this is ~700 USD. The training would be delivered by veterans from the SAP industry who has 15+ years of experience.

    • Free Demo session: on 18th February 2017, Saturday @ 11:00 Am EST [8:00 AM PST, 9:30 PM IST, 4:00 PM UTC]
    • Actual training session start date: 18th March 2017 (tentative)

    Who is conducting this training?

    The training is conducted by SAP Consulting company Symeza Technologies Pvt Ltd (check out their website www.symeza.com)

    How will I get the free spot?

    You have to follow 2 steps to win a chance to get the free spot. Only those who finishes both will be considered to be a winner. The steps are:

    • Register using the registration form below
    • Attend the free demo scheduled on 18th February at 11:00 AM EST

    How will the 2 winners be chosen?

    • The winners will be chosen randomly from those who register using the form below and who attend the demo session. Please note, you have to perform both these activity to qualify to be chosen as a winner.
    • The selection of 2 winners will be random and the Get Cloud Certified team has all the right to chose the winners.
    • Any communication (email, text, phone or direct) will NOT be entertained regarding the selection of the winners

    When will the results be published?

    The results will be published by EOD Monday, 20th February 2017PST.

    Don’t forget to register. You will get a chance to win only if you register and attend the demo on 18th Feb


    Please share this with your friends who might be interested in learning SAP HANA.

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    Students from India! Win Prizes Worth INR 50K By Participating In Digitalocean Campus Shark

    DigitalOcean Campus Shark (1)

    Students from India, wanna win INR 50,000?

    May I have your attention please? Here is a great chance to create something amazing and useful to the community around you and win prizes up to [highlight color=”yellow”]INR 50,000[/highlight] (Yes, fifty thousand Indian Rupees). Participate in DigitalOcean Campus Shark program and amazing prizes are waiting for you.

    So what are the details?

    I know you are going to ask this. Without any further adieu, let me give you the detaiils:

    As per their website, DigitalOcean Campus Shark is a one-of-its kind contest to identify & recognize the best student developers across Indian universities.

    Digital Ocean Campus Shark

    Problem Statement

    “Build a product that will be useful to the community around you”


    The Productathon will be a 2-stage contest, with Stage 1 being an elimination round.

    • Stage 1: Provide a 1-page write up on the product idea and its potential utility/impact on the community. Also, include mockups or designs of the proposed product.
    • Stage 2: Give life to your idea! Build a working prototype of the product/application based on the idea submitted in Stage 1. Deliverable would be the URL to a working prototype of the product and a 1-page write up on the technical architecture and features of the pro

    Do you have it in you to be a shark?


    DigitalOcean Campus Shark

    Participant Eligibility and Rules of DigitalOcean Campus Shark

    1. The contest is open only for students.
    2. Participation is free and open for any student from the participating university
    3. Teams should have a maximum of 3 members. Participation from individuals is ok too.
    4. A jury panel will screen the entries and shortlist final participants for Stage 2.
    5. The jury panel will also evaluate and select the winners for the contest.
    6. The decision of the jury will be final and binding
    7. All entries must be the original work of the team member(s)
    8. The applications must be deployed on DigitalOcean cloud infrastructure

    Why Participate in DigitalOcean Campus Shark:

    • Rs.25K (For team placed first), Rs.15K (For team placed second) and Rs.10K (For team placed third)
    • The top 25 teams will receive recognition certificate from DigitalOcean.
    • The top 25 teams will get “Hasura – apps development platform” usage for the entire university period for free of cost.


    We are glad to know that international cloud companies like DigitalOcean is investing in Indian market and helping to identify young talent right from the campuses. And the fact that they are encourage students to make an impact in the society and rewarding them is a really positive sign.

    Great work DigitalOcean. Keep it up!

    Let’s know what you feel about DigitalOcean Campus Shark?

    Will the students be open to the contests like this?

    Will companies get a chance to identify best talents from the campuses through these programs?

    Share your thoughts in the comments section


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    [Beginner Video Lesson] What is cloud computing?


    “What is cloud computing? I don’t have any idea. Where can I get some basics?”

    I have heard [many] people asking this question a couple of years back but realized that a [some] number of people still ask this question. So this post is for them who still ask ‘what is cloud computing?’

    Watch videos!

    And guess what, I am not going to explain that in detail here. I am going to let you learn the basics through videos. Here are some videos which will give you the basics of cloud computing, the advantages, disadvantages etc. You don’t need to search the internet for any basic videos any more. We have everything under one umbrella here. Go ahead and watch them.

    Note:Find the first video at the top of this article. Scroll down to view additional videos.

    How to get certified?

    OK, we heard you asking about the certifications on cloud certifications. We have added some basics certifications available below; both FREE and paid ones.

    We hope that you will learn the basics and get certified to let the world know that you know the basics of cloud computing.

    FREE Certification

    CloudU Certification from Rackspace

    This is one of the best FREE cloud computing certifications available for the beginners. Check out our article: Even after 5 years, Cloud U Certification is still the most sought after Free cloud certification

    PAID Certification

    EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification

    This is a paid certification but one of the best certifications available in the industry today. The examination will be conducted by EXIN and they give the certificate too. EXIN certificates are well accepted in the computing world and it will definitely add value to your portfolio.

    Click here to learn more about the EXIN Cloud Computing foundation certification.




    If you are looking for an online training which will prepare you to pass the EXIN cloud computing foundation exam, we have a solution for you. There is a great training offered by SIMPLILEARN which is one of the top online training academies existing today. Click below to learn more.


    What is cloud computing- More videos

    What are the Business Benefits of Cloud Computing?

    3 Ways To Cloud Compute – SaaS , PaaS and IaaS

    Difference Between Cloud Computing & Virtualization


    So are you guys ready to learn the basics of cloud computing and get certified?

    Let me know if you have any queries.

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    [Beginner Video Lesson] What is Machine Learning?

    So here is another beginner video series for those who have this question in their mind: What is Machine Learning .

    So what is machine learning?

    Wikipedia says this:

    Machine learning is a sub-field of computer science that evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence.

    Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data.


    OK, let’s don’t read a lot. Let’s watch some videos. If you have watched the videos shown at the top of this post, here are 2 additional videos which will help you to understand the basics.

    What is Machine Learning and how does it work?

    Do you have any other videos to add here? Please let us know in the comments. Also, let us know whether this post was helpful.

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    Learn R Programming For FREE From Microsoft



    May I have your attention please?
    May I have your attention please?
    Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?


    I think I need an extra dose of caffeine today as I keep moving off the track. LOL. Jokes apart..

    May I have your attention please now?

    Isn’t it amazing to learn the technology from one of the biggest technology innovators in the world? If you are passionate about Big Data and Data Analytics, here is a golden opportunity to learn R programming. Without any further ado, let me jump in to the details.

    Learn R Programming from Microsoft (for FREE)

    Yes, you heard it right!

    Microsoft has been pushing open source technologies for quite some time and this is the real icing on the cake in my opinion. R is rapidly becoming the popular programming language in Data Science, Analytics and Statistics.

    This course (Introduction to R Programming) is a combined effort of DataCamp and Microsoft and the course is available via EdX. It is four week long and is free for everyone. Guess what, the course covers the R programming basics and no prior knowledge in programming or data science required to enroll for this.


    Why should I learn R Programming via this course?


    • It’s FREE!
    • As of today, it has a  rating of 4.5/5 from 233 reviews
    • It covers the basics as well as data visualization through R
    • No prior knowledge in programming or Data Science required
    • It is interactive! You won’t just watch the videos.
    • Solve real data problems
    • Get instant and personalized feedback that directs you to the right  solution
    • You can continuously practice in the DataCamp Platform
    • You can add a Verified Certificate for $49

    Are you ready? If yes, click the button below and go to the course page:



     Here is a quick view of the course



    Length 4 weeks

    Effort 2 hours/week

    Price FREE (Add a Verified Certificate for $49)

    Institution Microsoft

    Subject Data Analysis & Statistics

    Level Introductory

    Languages English

    Video Transcripts English

    Introduction to R – Course promo video



    Wanna know more?

    here are some more details

    Note: The below given details are taken from the Introduction to R Programming course page . Please visit the course page for more details and to start learning

    What you’ll learn

    • R language fundamentals and basic syntax
    • What R is and how it’s used to perform data analysis
    • You will become familiar with the major R data structures
    • You will make your own visualizations using R
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    Even after 5 years, Cloud U Certification is still the most sought after Free cloud certification


    Update on 18th September 2017:

    CloudU Certification Discontinued!

    Please note that Rackspace has decided to discontinue this free certification program from August 31st 2017. So you won’t be able to get this certification now.

    We are in the process of finding some other free certifications and resources. Please keep checking our website and there will be many more resources coming over in the next couple of weeks.

    We would also request you to sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest updates. You can find the sign up forms in the side bar as well as below each post Thank you again for stopping by.

    Best Regards,
    Team Get Cloud Certified

    Isn’t it amazing?

    It has been 5 years since the Rackspace has launched its free vendor neutral cloud education program,  Cloud U Certification. Even now, this is one of the most sought after FREE cloud computing certifications available!

    We have featured the Cloud U certification last year (Free Cloud Computing Certification From RackSpace- Cloud U) but we found that there are some changes in the curriculum. To celebrate the success of the Cloud U Certification, we are featuring it again with the updated content!

    So if you are a student, business owner, IT Admin, developer or anyone who is interested in learning the basics of cloud computing, this is the one of best FREE training available right now.

    Most importantly, you are getting a chance to get certified too.

    Let’s Start The Action..!

    If you have made up your mind, check out the different chapters available in the course below. To start with, you may click on the one which most interests you too. Or if you want to go to the Cloud U Certification Home Page directly,  click here now.

    Rackspace Cloud U Certification – Chapters

    1. Revolution Not Evolution
    2. Cloudonomics – The Economics of Cloud Computing
    3. Understanding – The Cloud Computing Stack SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
    4. Say Goodbye to DIY Data Centers
    5. Elephant in the Room
    6. Planning a Move to the Cloud
    7. Running a Business on the Cloud
    8. Creative Configurations
    9. Does Data Want to be Free
    10. You Want to Put My Database Where
    11. CloudU Final Exam

    WHO’s WHO IN CloudU?

    Guess what, Rackspace is doing everything to ensure that the Cloud U Certification community is alive and they celebrate the success stories of their candidates. They have created a separate webpage to showcase the success stories of the candidates around the world.

    Check out the WHO’S WHO IN CloudU‘ page.


    CloudU Certificate - CloudU Certification


    This truly shows their dedication towards giving back to the community. Well done Rackspace.

    BTW, don’t you want to be featured in that page?

    CloudU MISSION

    CloudU seeks to provide a comprehensive curriculum of Cloud Computing fundamentals for business owners and IT professionals. To deliver this industry-leading education, CloudU adheres to the following principles:

    • Vendor Neutrality
    • Pragmatic Analysis
    • Original Content



    Additional resources:

    So are you planning to get Cloud U certified? Please let us know via the comment section below.

    Also, if you liked this article, share this with your friends.

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    FREE Microsoft E Books Available To Be Downloaded

    Microsoft Free E Books

    Here is a quick post to let you all know that there are millions (yes millions!) of EBooks on Microsoft technologies available to be downloaded for FREE. Yes, FREE Microsoft E Books !

    Eric Ligman (seen in the picture below), Microsoft Senior Sales Excellence Manager is letting anyone download these (may be for a limited period).

    Eric – FREE Microsoft E BooksEric – FREE Microsoft EBooks


    What topics do these FREE Microsoft E Books cover?

    These books are on technologies like the ones given below:

    Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Office 2013, Office 365, SharePoint 2013, Dynamics CRM, PowerShell, Exchange Server, Lync 2013, System Center, Azure, Cloud, SQL Server.. the list goes on and on.

    So hurry up guys. This offer may end any time. Don’t regret later. And one last thing- don’t forget to share this with your friends.



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    You can never learn Azure if you can’t learn it with this FREE Azure tutorial

    Azure Tutorial

    So you wanna learn Azure.

    If you don’t want, please do NOT read further.

    Don’t dare to scroll down either. Because I am going to reveal the details of one in a million’ free video tutorial courses to learn Microsoft Azure.

    Cool, so if you are reading this, I would assume that you want to learn Azure and you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity.

    Great, I already started loving you! LOL.

    Jokes apart. I am referring to the new video course which was created by Bob Tabor (The LearnVisyualStudio.NET fame). Bob is one of the best trainers who delivers online video trainings whom I know.

    I love the way he delivers the message. He doesn’t rush you guys. He has the right tone and the right pace. And more importatnly, he makes you comfortable and makes learning an easy task.

    Is it just an intro Azure tutorial video?

    Not at all.

    As per Bob, the first series of the online video course is available via Microsoft Virtual Academy already. But he is working with Microsoft in creating more videos in this series.

    So the bottom line is, you guys are gonna get more best in class Azure tutorial videos, #FREE of cost.

    A snip of the course outline:

    Azure Training Bob Tabor

    Microsoft and Bob Tabor- A deadly combination:

    Whenever Micosoft has tied up with Bob to get awesome videos created, he mesmerised not just Microsoft, even the learners. Microsoft is keen in ensuring that the developer and student community (or rather anyone who wanna learn the Microsoft technology) are getting the best training available in the industry FREE of cost.

    Bob Tabor
    Bob Tabor. [PC- Bob’s Twitter Profile]

    I don’t wanna praise too much about the Microsoft’s commitment towards training and the quality of Bob’s training delivery.

    Go ahead and experience that yourself.


    Follow Bob in twitter here:  @bobtabor

    But just one last request. If you liked this, please share this with your friends. Yes, we bet this is the best FREE Azure tutorial available in the web currently. Don’t let them miss this!

    Also, we want to hear from you. Please add your comments below and let us know if you liked this article and the FREE Azure training.

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    20 FREE Data Science Courses; Learn Data Science & Get The Highest Paying Job!

    Data Science Courses

    Update on September 20th 2017:

    Please note that many courses in this article were either discontinued or not relevant any more. Worry not! We have a new 2017 list of top Data Science coursed. Please read it here [/box]


    • Data warehouse manager salary: $115,250- $154,250
    • Data Architect Salary: $111,750- $153,750
    • Data Scientist- The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century- [READ MORE..]
    • Big data, big pay: 10 data jobs with climbing salaries- [READ MORE..]
    • Big Data Skills Pay Top Dollars- [

    Enough said with the bullet points dude. I understand that I should learn Big Data/ Data Science to become the ‘most sought after’, ‘sexiest’, ‘talk of the town’ job aspirant. Now what? Show me some FREE Data Science Courses through which I can learn more about the Data Science and get certified.

    Ok. We read your mind. Here is a list of 20 FREE Data Science courses including those from world’s top universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard CalTech etc.Get yourself enrolled be ready to become a data scientist- the highest paying IT job existing today in the industry.

    That said, check out the below picture to understand the real problem which the industry is facing today:


    Data Science Courses

    So you know what to do. Jump in, start learning the Data Science/ Big Data/ Data Analytics.

    The companies will chase you out. And You’ll be in DEMAND for sure!



    Many of these courses are delivered by top universities like MIT, CalTech, University of Washington, Stanford, Harvard etc. These courses are conducted exactly the way they conduct their on- campus course. So we would like to set up the right expectation stating that the courses may not be available the moment you check it. But you would know when the next session will be started. You can get yourself enrolled and start learning when the university starts the course.

    Read the new, updated list of top Data Science courses here . The list given below may contain courses which are discontinued.

    1- Specialization in Data Science by John Hopkins University


    2- Introduction To Data Science by University Of Washington


    3- Computing For Data Analysis by John Hopkins University


    4- Data Analysis Course by John Hopkins University


    5- Statistics- Making Sense Of Data by Toronto University


    6- Explore Statistics with R by Karolinska Institutet


    7- Probability & Statistics by Carnegie Mellon University


    8- Intro To Statistics by Stanford University


    9- Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis by MIT


    10- Learning From Data by California Inst. Of Tech


    11- Introduction To Data Mining- MIT


    12- Data Science Course at Columbia University notes by @mathbabe


    13- Machine Learning by Stanford University


    14- Statistical Computing and Visualization by Harvard University


    15- Data Analysis and Statistical Inference by Duke University


    16- School of Data courses


    17- Introduction to Data Science 


    18- Big Data University from IBM 


    19- Microsoft Big Data Course


    20- A Practical Intro To Data Science by Zipfian Academy


    Additional Reading

    Here are some more articles which you can go through to learn more about the Data Science

    1. Cloudera- New To Data Science?
    2. List of free Big Data/ Data Science training
    3. Software engineer’s guide to getting started with data science
    4. The Open-Source Data Science Masters – Curriculum
    5. General Introduction to Data Science
    6. Learn Data Science- Open Content For Self- Directed Learning


    Did you like this list of 20 FREE Data Science courses? Feel free to share this with your friends and let us know what do you feel about these.

    BTW, did we miss some data science courses here? Let us know , we’ll be glad to add those (depending on the course quality).

    So jump right in and comment below! We are eager to hear from you.

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    [Beginner Video Lesson] What is Big Data?

    • The Data has become Big
    • We need to analyze the Big Data!
    • We need insightful information taken from the Big Data
    • How big is Big Data?
    • Big Data is the future
    • Use big data and predict the future of your business

    OK OK OK. We have been hearing these comments/ questions for quite some time.

    Big Data! Yes, it has been a buzz word for quite some time. And everyone talks about Big Data. But what is Big Data ? What the heck is that..?

    Wait, if you don’t know what is Big Data, doni’t get panicked. Let the world talk about Big Data. It is better late than never. The Cloud Master wants you to learn the basics of Big Data today!

    Are you ready? If some one asks you what is Big Data , you should not hide within your skin again.

    What is BIG Data ?

    The whole world is talking about Big Data. But what really is that?

    Our buddy Wikipedia says this:

    Big data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process them using traditional data processing applications.

    Let us explain: Data is NOT structured any more (read it as – it is no more Employee Name, Employee Department, Salary etc displayed in tables).

    And the data is no longer generated by some information workers (picturize a data entry worker typing on a desktop till the keys are about to jump off ; yes, sarcasm. No offence intended to any data entry worker of course).


    What is Big Data

    90% of the data existing in this word today was created during the last 2 years!

    and the businesses want to store, manage, analyze this data and create meaningful insights from those.

    90% of the data existing in this world today was created during the last 2 years. That means, there has been a data explosion for the last couple of yesrs. You can find out what caused this data explosion below. But the interesting thing is this- the businesses who are interested in analyzing the data found it difficult to manage this huge amount of data.


    Want to learn the Data Science and Big Data from world’s top universities like MIT, Stanford, Harvard? Here are 20 FREE courses to learn Data Science. Click the button below


    Why is it difficult to manage and analyze the BIG data?

    1. The amount of data collected is huge
    2. A huge chunk of the data are ‘unstructered’, like your Facebook posts, tweets etc
    3. The traditional Database Management Systems (DBMS) can’t process this data

    So the traditional DBMS softwares like SQL Server, Oracle etc were used to manage structured data. Since the data has grown tremendously, we had to find new ways to manage. And yes, this huge data is known as Big Data and we have many systems to analyze the data and give businesses great insights.


    What is Big Data

    So how are the data getting generated today?

    Good question. Here are the ways how the daya are getting created in today’s world.


    • Social Media posts:
      When you post, like share in Facebook, when you tweet, when you pin in Pinterest, when you post in Instagram, when you interect via any of these social media platforms.
    • RFID Readers:
      Data has been collected and stored through RFID readers in retail stores, building access management system etc
    • Car GPS navigation system:
      Your car’s GPS navigation system collects data like the live traffic updates, road condition, weather at a particular location etc.
    • Fitness (wrist) bands:
      The wrist bands which collect data about your workouts, heartbeats etc. This is stored electronically and processed later as per your settings.
    • XBox, NetFlix, Smart TVs:
      Businesses collect data from your smart electronics gadgets; the data like your most favorite show, your viewing habits, your purchase history etc.
    • Your smart home:
      The data like the room temperature, presence of people etc., are captured which may trigger actions based on your settings in the system.

    Who uses Big Data? What are the benefits of it?

    Corporates like Amazon, NetFlix and Wal-Mart as well as firms like the U.S. government and NASA are using Big Data to meet their business objectives. The possibilities the Big Data have opened in front of the goverment and non goverment organizations are huge.

    As per Data Science Series, the some of the practical benefits of Big Data are as follows :

    1. Redevelop your products
    2. Perform risk analysis
    3. Keeping your data safe
    4. Create new revenue streams
    5. Customize your website in real time 
    6. Reducing the manitenance costs
    7. Offerring tailored healthcare

    Read the article here: http://datascienceseries.com/stories/ten-practical-big-data-benefits

    As per SAS, some of the benefits which the businesses can get by using the Big Data are given below..

    1. Detect, prevent and remediate financial fraud.
    2. Calculate risk on large portfolios.
    3. Execute high-value marketing campaigns.
    4. Improve delinquent collections.

    Check out the full article for more details : http://www.sas.com/news/feature/big-data-benefits.html 

    Ready to watch some BIG DATA videos?

    Here are some videos which we have collected which will give you the basic knowledge about what is Big Data. These videos should act as the foundation for your Big Data learning adventures. So what are you waiting for? Jump on and make your hands dirty with the so called BIG DATA!

    What is Big Data and How Does It Work?

    How Big Is Big Data? By EMC

    Big Data 101- How Big Data Makes Big Impact?


    \What is Big Data ? TED Video \

    The Economist Video- What is Big Data ?


    TED Videos

    Here are some talks from TED. We would suggest you to go through these once you watch atleast one of the videos which we have given above. We hope you enjoy these too.

    Susan Etlinger: What do we do with all this big data?

    Kenneth Cukier: Big data is better data


    Real World Examples

    Ok. Now what about watching some real life experience of some of the companies who have used Big Data?

    We strongly believe that these examples will give you a better understanding of how the Big Data is used by the world.

    Yes, the real data is used by the real people for the real, better business insights!

    Click below to see those videos.

    What is Big Data to New Relic?


    What is Big Data to Clustrix?


    What is Big Data to ScaleArc?


    What is Big Data to Gazzang


    What is Big Data to Stormpath?


    What is Big Data to Gazzang




    Bonus: BIG DATA, Big Opportunities- Infographic

    Click below to see check the infographic

    Copyright: www.elexio.com . Please note that the all the rights of the the below infographic is reservedaphic. by the creator of the infographic.

    Big data benefits



    So what do you guys feel? Are you ready to get your hands dirty by learning Big Data? Stay tuned. We will be publishing some articles on the available training opportunities to learn Big Data technologies.

    For now, you can check out our post which talks about 20 FREE Data Science courses delivered by some of the world’s top universities. And you can learn by sitting at your home.

    20 FREE Data Science Courses

    Now we need your help. If you liked this, please comment below and SHARE this with your friends.


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